This Developer's Journey

This Developer's Journey

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TDJ ep.27 Stu Jones and Dev Bootcamp
April 18, 2016

Show Notes   This was an excellent conversation with Stu Jones from Dev Bootcamp. He got us to think and he expounded on what makes Dev Bootcamp a great place to learn.   You can find his links here: Dev Bootcamp...

TDJ ep.26: Random Talk is Random
April 05, 2016

Show Notes   No guests for you this week but we have a ton in the queue. Next week, it’s just me and Nick again and then…be prepared for a whole lot of awesome.   Links of Note   Nick’s Workflow for Launchbar...

TDJ ep. 25: We Don't Need No Stinking CS Degree!
March 21, 2016

Show Notes   So Nick and I have gone through a lot of life changes this past month and a half. In this episode, we dive into those changes and ponder the value of a CS degree.   Relevant Links Big Nerd Ranch Cocoa Free Code...

TDJ ep. 24: I Don't Do Anything the Easy Way
March 14, 2016

Show Notes   After talking to Jay, I made a huge decision that I am going to talk about on next week's show. I am betting you can guess what that was. Jay got me so excited about learning and growing as a developer, and not taking any shortcuts...

TDJ ep. 23: Don't Let Your Schooling Get in the Way of Your Education
March 07, 2016

Show Notes   Dave was an awesome guest who imparted a lot of wisdom on us code newbies. It's important to note when listening to this episode that school is good! Just how we go about it, stinks.   Links   Dave's post at...

This Developer's Journey ep.22
January 17, 2016

Show Notes Picks: Fetching app Oh My Zsh Default Folder X Ulysses Stanford Lagunita (Database course) Ancheer Ergonomic Chair   Of Note: Eric Elliott is kind of a big deal in the JavaScript world. Nick talked about interview...

This Developer's Journey ep.21
November 29, 2015

Ship It!

This Developer's Journey ep.20
November 09, 2015

Welcome Nick Lash to the Show!

This Developer's Journey ep.19
October 22, 2015

Show Notes   Books  Review: YDKJS Up & Going YDKJS Scope & Closures   Picks   Trello Slack Google Calendar IFTTT Goals NaCoWriMo Writing at Medium and LinkedIn once a month  

This Developer's Journey ep.18
October 07, 2015

Show Notes   Books The Problem with Native JavaScript APIs by Nicholas C. Zakas JavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual, 3rd ed. by David McFarland   Picks Paper by 53 Pencil by 53 iPad Air 2 Alfred Remote For...