This American Drew - Drew Kordik

This American Drew - Drew Kordik

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Cruis'n Drew S.A. Chapter 3 - Fear and Loathing at the Dancing Bears Inn
July 18, 2016

In Chapter 3, our weary traveler becomes one with nature, eats huckleberry pie, and channels his inner Raoul Duke.

Cruis'n Drew S.A. Chapter 2 - Gay Stuff and a Short Bus
July 13, 2016

In Chapter 2, Drew kicks off his journey by setting some goals for himself as he rides the rails along the Pacific Coast. Later, when he gets to Portland he freaks out about liking boys, eats lots of donuts and barbecue, and talks about God. #keepdrewweir

Cruis'n Drew S.A. - Chapter 1: Eat Pray Love
June 27, 2016

In the first chapter of This American Drew's new spin-off travel series, Drew is hittin' the road (the RAIL road that is!) and traveling across America to find himself. To prepare for his vision quest, he sits down with best friend/editor of IFC's Comedy

Episode 27 - Burlesque (with Lizabeth Stockton aka Brandy Snifter)
June 15, 2016

Vah vah vah voom (sp?)! Drew sits down with Lizabeth Stockton (producer and performer at WTF-lesque) to talk about nudity juxtaposed with dancing and comedy, Divine, and Rocky Horror. Featuring multiple needy basset hound cameos.

Episode 26 - Sequels
May 31, 2016

After closing out season one of T.A.D. by revealing something deeply personal about his sexual orientation, Drew decides to switch gears a bit in the season two premiere and talk about Hollywood's urge to make sequels. Also, he reads the treatment for HIS

Episode 25(!) - Queer
May 17, 2016

Still pondering whether or not he's going to cancel the show, Drew talks about sexuality and gender, polyamorous relationships, and has an announcement. Thanks for 25 terrific episode, Drewm Warriors.

Episode 24 - Depression (with Brian Colbert Kennedy and Josh Patton)
May 03, 2016

Troubled times in the world of This American Drew. Drew contemplates canceling the show, and fellow podcasters Brian Colbert Kennedy and Josh Patton come over to talk some sense into him. Also, we debut "Taking It Drew The Streets," a man on the street se

Episode 23 - Evolution (with Evan Watkins)
April 21, 2016

This episode's audio got corrupted or something. I might quit podcasting. Sorry Evan. Please listen to his podcast Pilot Co-Pilots.

Episode 22 - Fatherhood (with Stoney Sharp)
April 03, 2016

Father knows best? Damn right he does! After a brief break to hang out with sick grandmas, Drew sits down with director and father Stoney Sharp to talk about "cool dads," precocious kids, and aging pets. Uh, also, if you're grossed out by burps or body hu

Episode 21 - The Public School System (with Cate Freedman and Henry Melcher)
March 13, 2016

Class is in session! And Adjunct Professor Drew Kordik sits down with Cate Freedman, childhood friend and star of TV Land's "Teachers," to discuss the state of our schools, Bosco sticks, and a few painful, humiliating memories. Later, they meet educator/p