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Think Hard

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#57: On Manifesting and Mirrors
October 02, 2019

We welcome special guest Jeff Guenther LPC to defend the Law of Attraction, which we lambasted in #37 Vision Bored. Creator of Therapy Den and the Portland Therapy Center, Jeff claims that the law of attraction is the best model we have for how the univer

#37: Vision Bored
September 18, 2019

Danielle and José assess whether or not the Law of Attraction is total bullshit. After careful consideration, we’ve determined that although there are lots of ways in which the Law of Attraction might be helpful, it also can be politically dangerous an

#56: Tolerating the Racist at Thanksgiving Dinner
September 04, 2019

What happens when the responsibility to have an open mind pushes against the responsibility to protect people from hateful speech and ideology? José argues that having an open mind is required for us all to develop into our full selves, but cautions th

#55: Carjacking Today, Freedom Tomorrow?
August 21, 2019

Are you the same person that you were when you were six years old? Does identity exist over time? Danielle suggests that there is no such thing as a permanent essential self or soul and argues for the Buddhist idea of “no-self.” José is skeptical, believi

#54: The Paradox of Bodily Fluids
August 07, 2019

Is prostitution immoral? Danielle begins this episode thinking that prostitution is morally permissible, if it is between two consenting adults. José argues that prostitution is morally wrong because it objectifies and dehumanizes women in a physical and

#53: Both Sides Now
July 24, 2019

Why is feeling two or more conflicting things at the same time so hard? Danielle and José talk about the experience of ambivalence and dive into how our feelings are connected to our beliefs about the world. They explore some ways to understand, work thro

#14: I'm Not a Masturbation Couch
July 17, 2019

José is troubled by his sexual fantasies of women because it objectifies them. Danielle and José consider: Does sexual desire always or necessarily involve the dehumanizing objectification of others? Is it morally acceptable to objectify someone in the

#41: Re-cognizing Gratitude
June 27, 2019

During this (past) holiday season, Danielle and José explored why cultivating gratitude may lead to increased well being, happiness, and richness of meaning. They suggest that gratitude is an achieved mental state that involves a re-cognition of our lives

#52: Flip Flop
June 12, 2019

José hates casual clothes: jeans, cargo shorts, sweat pants, and the dreaded flip flops. He argues that the excuse many people give that these clothes are “comfortable” is really just a band-aid, and will never get to the real underlying source of disc

#51: Buying Happiness
May 29, 2019

Danielle is wondering how to make decisions about how to spend her money, which leads to the larger question of what constitutes the good life. What purchases will make us happy, and how do we know what to choose? José offers some budgeting wisdom.