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The Top Split – Episode #026
October 19, 2019

Benn Snell is back with me this episode where we talk iRacing and also take a look at some of Benn's drifting.  We also have a chat about some of this season's build.  The new crash and tyre models and how they are fairing as we approach the half way m...

The Top Split – Episode #025 – Something New!
September 14, 2019

My guest this episode is Paul Batey.  As well as the new build for this skippy season, of course we talk Sunday Night Lights.  This time though, we are trying something new.  This episode will be posted on The Top Split YouTube and Twitch channels with...

The Top Split – Episode #024 – ‘DonutGate’
July 21, 2019

The Doctor is in the house!  AJ is back and we talk through the hot topic of the last couple of weeks donuts.  Not the kind you eat.  The kind where you light up the rears and make crop circles.  That and the past two weeks of Sunday Night Lights keep ...

The Top Split – Episode #023 – ‘Splash and Dash VII’
July 06, 2019

In this episode, Corey and I take a look at the latest couple of rounds of Season 17 of Sunday Night Lights.  Recapping the Road Atlanta and Road America races.  We also talk a bit about the upcoming Oran Park Raceway broadcast. -

The Top Split – Episode #022 – ‘Splash and Dash VI’
June 23, 2019

Ben Snell and I are back to talk all things new skippy after the Season 3 build changes.  We also talk about the massive season opener to Sunday Night Lights season 17.  Plenty of action to cover there as there will be no doubt throughout the season.

The Top Split – Episode #021 – SNL Season Recap
June 10, 2019

In this episode, Corey and I go over the highs and lows of Season 16 of the ANZ Skip Barber Strength of Field race, Sunday Night Lights.  We look at the season that was and reflect on the move to Sunday nights.

The Top Split – Episode #020 – Edward Foster
April 25, 2019

This episode we talk all things Stock Car racing with one of the men behind the ANZCAR league Edward Foster.  If you want to know about oval racing and where to find it, Edward is your man! - You can find out about the ANZCAR league in the following p...

The Top Split – Episode #019 – ‘Splash and Dash V’
April 07, 2019

While the Dr is away, Benn Snell and I got to play.  We talked more about the introduction of the new tyre model, which seems to be all the rage at the moment in more ways that one.  I get things off my chest when it comes to community support of the c...

The Top Split – Episode #018 – ‘Splash and Dash IV’
March 24, 2019

'The Doctor' and I are back with the latest 'Splash and Dash' episode.  We talk the Marcos Ambrose effect, new tyre model and Sunday Night Lights.  All your bases covered here at 'The Top Split'! - Don't forget to join us in all the places we hang out...

The Top Split – Episode #017 – Marcos Ambrose
March 07, 2019

A fantastic opportunity to speak with former professional racing driver Marcos Ambrose.  He is an avid fan of iRacing and a passionate supporter of grass roots Motorsport whether it be in the real world or on the simulator.