The Strainge Connection

The Strainge Connection

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Macabre of Death and DMT – Episode 9
August 04, 2018

Step into the macabre as we discuss death. We will cover topics like DMT, death idols, and even mummification. Remember, we’re all going to die. How do you want your body handled after death? - For more Info visit our website www.

Our Unpopular Opinions *Media Edition* – Episode 8
July 26, 2018

Today were talking about our opinions on different media. I.E. the extremely unpopular opinions we have about some of the biggest movies, tv shows, and songs. Also dont hate us "laugh". Hope to see you on the next episode! -

Dabs, CBD, and…Suppositories Oh My!? – Episode 7
July 15, 2018

On this episode were going to be exploring the world of cannabis again with all the unique ways of getting high. From the tried and true traditions to the new, and sometimes strange, lets sit down and learn how to get really baked. -

Tissue for your issue – Episode 6
July 11, 2018

welcome to the gruesome true crime killers episode, we will cover the long-time elusive Golden State Killer, the chilling Welkom Killer, and the befuddled Floyd Allens. - For more Info visit our website

Making it GAY! – Episode 5
June 29, 2018

This episode we’ll be MAKING IT GAY.  All things lgbtq. When did we come out, different labels, some of our first and current crushes, and more! - For more Info visit our website

Nightmares that came true – Episode 4
June 23, 2018

Today we will be in Puenta Hills for an frightening story, that will terrorize your psyche. Then we will be learning about scrying and black mirrors. Finishing us off will be me, with a junkie’s nightmare that made his dreams come true. -

Ethical Cannibalism! – Episode 3
June 19, 2018

This episode is going to be about some strange stories one including cannibalism. Then we will give some of our thoughts on crazy strain names, and strange weed stories. Then move on to some life stories by us! Welcome -

Life of Binge – Episode 2 - The Strainge Connection
June 19, 2018

I watch way too much tv and its a problem at this point but in this episode we’ll be discussing tv. Topics such as, whats currently on tv, what we;re  watching, cancelled tv,our favorites, and we’ll also cover why we binge watch. -

Strains and Stories – Episode 1
June 19, 2018

For our first episode, we’re going to be focusing on weed and smoking. We’ll be discussing some of the stats on medical marijuana, the common ailments medical marijuana is used for treatment or alleviation of symptoms,