The Show Goes On Podcast

The Show Goes On Podcast

TSGO 34: Kdn Jimenez

May 29, 2017

Andy and Jojo have special guest Kedian (Kdn) Jimenez join in on this episode. Kdn Jimenez's mission is to tackle environmental problems and help shift the wealth distribution around the world by sharing knowledge. Kdn is also an International best selling author. He co-authored in Peeking Behind The Scenes. You can follow Kdn on all social media platforms (website linked below) where he shares videos on tips that will help you transition out of working a 9-5 and into creating your own hustle.

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Snap Chat: @KDNJimenez
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Facebook: @KDNJimenez
YouTube: @KDNJimenez
Twitter: @KDNJimenez

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