Hohem iSteady X 3-axis Gimbal for Smartphones

January 31, 2020

At CES 2020, I talked with Hohem Technology Co. about their new 3-axis gimbal camera stabilizers. Using the app, this device connects the joystick to the phone, so you can control from the stabilizer.

The iSteady X is the newest of the stabilizers. This is a pocket-sized gimbal weighing 249 grams (8.7 oz). It’s small enough to put in a larger pocket, or bag easily.

The iSteady X is set up for anyone to use. With quick buttons, you can zoom in, out, take video or photo, and go from landscape to portrait mode.

With the new moment mode, you can make quick videos using templates. This includes cinematic features, like the camera rotating, or zooming in and out while you record your subject.

The iSteady X will be available in February, but no price is out yet. Hohem does have well priced products, so I would guess it’s going to be rather affordable for your need.

You can get Hohem products on Amazon. Check out the Hohem website.