Sure Petcare Helps Your Pet be Independent and Safe

January 30, 2020

Pet Care is more simple than ever with Sure Petcare. Your pet’s microchip can help you not only keep track of your pet, but also help feed them, let them in/out, and more. We look at the primary offerings at Sure Petcare at CES 2020.

Sure Flap Pet Door

This is a simple pet door that uses the pet’s microchip to let them in and out. Better yet, you can also allow access via smartphone when you are away. You can also use it for access via your smartphone for other things, such as a mail carrier with a larger package.

There are several door options for what you need. You can connect each door with up to 32 pets.

Prices start at $139. Get Sure Flap on Amazon

Sure Feed Connect

This is a pet feeder that also uses a microchip to open the food door. If you have multiple cats, this is perfect for feeding.

The sealed pet door will open when your pet walks up to it. You can also set it up to open at certain times – if your pet is eating too much.

Sure Feed allows for up to 32 microchipped pets. It connects to your network so you can control via app.

Prices start at $56. Get Sure Feed on Amazon


Learm more about your dog’s health with this pedometer tracker. Animo tracks your dog’s activity, from sleeping, to walking, barking, scratching, and more. You can then plan activities for your dog, or simply know if there is an issue – if they’re scratching too much, lethargic, or other behavior.

The device fits around the dog’s collar. It does not use the microchip to track.

Animo starts at $89. Get Animo on Amazon.

You can also check out all the products from the Sure Petcare website.