The Russian Empire History Podcast

The Russian Empire History Podcast

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1.43 - The Yaroslavichi
November 27, 2023

The sons of Yaroslav divide Rus among themselves. How long will they live in peace?

1.42 - The Testament of Yaroslav
November 11, 2023

As Yaroslav reaches the end of his life, an attempt is made to set the rules of succession in Rus.

SE6 - Rus in Medieval Europe with Christian Raffensperger
October 28, 2023

Christian Raffensperger is Professor of History and Chair of the Department, Kenneth E. Wray Chair in the Humanities, and Director, Emarth Institute for the Public Humanities at Wittenberg University covering Medieval Europe, Russia, and Ukraine. His work

1.41 - Yaroslav the Wise
October 16, 2023

As the last brother standing, Yaroslav has finally become the sole ruler of Rus. What will he do now?

1.40 - The Vladimirovichi
September 23, 2023

Vladimirs death plunges Rus into chaos as his sons fight over the succession.

1.39 Vladimir the Great IV - Building Rus
September 10, 2023

This episode looks at Vladimirs reign from the baptism of Rus until his death. Did he manage to do anything else noteworthy?

1.38 Vladimir the Great III - The Baptism of Rus
August 26, 2023

What happened at the baptism of Rus, and inventing St. Vladimir/Volodymyr from the Tale of Bygone Years to Vladimir Putin.

1.37 Vladimir the Great Part II - Sacrifices and Choices
July 29, 2023

Vladimir continues to expand his territory and to consider the role of religion in his kingdom.

1.36 - Vladimir the Great Part I - the Rise to Power
July 08, 2023

The death of Svyatoslav found Rus unprepared for the succession. The three sons he left in charge of Kyiv, the Drevlians, and Novgorod, soon turn to fighting among themselves.

1.35 - Imaginary Khazars Part III - New Khazaria
June 24, 2023

In the late Soviet period and in post-Soviet Russia, Lev Gumilevs passionary theory of ethnogenesis and pseudo-historical ideas of a Jewish-Khazar chimera gained enormous popularity, leading to elaborate conspiracy theories of shadowy forces behind conte