The Russian Empire History Podcast

The Russian Empire History Podcast

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Episode 1.10 - The First Steppe Empire
November 13, 2021

In this episode we return to the narrative with a look at the Scythian migration from Central Asia into the southern Russian and Ukrainian steppe, and the first empire created by a steppe people.  Episode blog post https://therussianempirehistor

Episode 1.09 - Steppe Warriors Part II - Wolf Packs and War Bands
October 30, 2021

In this episode we look at how a Bronze Age initiation ritual evolved into a cornerstone of steppe culture that drove the expansion and migration of nomadic peoples for centuries.

Special Episode 1 - The Peaceful East 200 - The Bellingshausen Expedition, the Discovery of Antarctica and the First Russians in New Zealand - with Sergey Permitin
October 23, 2021

This year is the 200th anniversary of the return to Russia of the Bellinghausen Expedition, which discovered the Antarctic continent and was the first Russian visit to New Zealand. In this episode, we discuss the expedition and its significance with speci

Episode 1.08 - Steppe Warriors Part I - Horse Archers
October 09, 2021

Horsebreeding, lifestyle, and innovations in weaponry came together to make steppe warriors an almost unstoppable force. In this episode, we look at weapons and equipment of the mounted archers of the steppe and what made them different from their sedenta

Episode 1.07 Herodotus on the Scythians
September 26, 2021

Ancient Greek historian Herodotus wrote about the Scythians at length, but his writings have always been controversial. What did the Father of History have to say about the steppe warriors, and how reliable is it? You can support this show by donating vi

Episode 1.06 Into the Kurgans Part 3 - Rediscovering the Scythians
September 11, 2021

In this last part of our look at archeological discoveries in steppe kurgans, we look at how finds from Ukraine to Mongolia were put together to rediscover the Scythians. You can support this show by donating via PayPal to hello@therussianempirehistorypo

Episode 1.05 The Bosporan Kingdom
August 28, 2021

This episode looks at the Greek colonies of the northern Black Sea coast, the Bosporan Kingdom, breadbasket of the Ancient Greek world and an important interface between the steppe and sedentary civilisations.

Episode 1.04 Into the Kurgans Part 2 - Sintashta
August 14, 2021

4000 years ago, another kurgan building culture developed - the ancestors of all the Iranic peoples appeared in the Southern Urals with a trade network from the Black Sea to the Pacific and innovations that would have an impact from China to Egypt. 

Episode 1.03 Into the Kurgans - Yamnaya
July 31, 2021

5000 years ago, nomadic steppe lifestyles began with the Yamnaya people, likely speakers of Proto-Indo-European, who left kurgan graves across the steppe, and whose descendants spread across half the world.

Episode 1.02 The Urheimat
July 17, 2021

Beginning a look at the Bronze Age steppe and the origins of steppe cultures. What was Proto-Indo-European and why is it associated with the steppe?