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Big Brothers New Monitor is the AI
April 21, 2023

No AI is not going to eat you but it will make it easier for big brother to monitor everything you do and say. Now this only applies to when your use the grid, unfortantly it has to be sued. So the id

Warning – Warning Will Robinson… Prepare Now…
February 10, 2023

Warning there is something in the winds I know not what but I can feel it coming. Prices are rising higher and higher, there is more and more crazy in the news and on the intrawebs. .. Although it wil

Burning In – The AI is a Leftest Feminist Man Hater
February 04, 2023

Well I finally got around to testing the new AI Chat GPT and quickly discovered it is a Leftest Feminist Man Hating Bot.. Wonder what it will do when it hits the wall. We will be having some live chat

You will Own Nothing and Be happy — Monetizing Mother earth
January 28, 2023

As we prepare for the great reset it is time to find out what they are really up to. It is the monetizing of the earth itself but only for the elite. Since you cannot own anything someone has to. You

JabWraKadraba — I Wanna Reach Out and Jab Ya —
January 14, 2023

It has been a busy week started doing a small collection of #DiedSuddenly and did not realize how big the list would be and it is still growing.. There is so much happening that it is hard to know whe

Social Media is Killing Our Civilization
January 06, 2023

I recently read in a book about a new theory of what destroyed previous High Civilizations. This theory discusses that in the previous civilizations they obtained a sophisticated level of communicatio

Humanity at a Crossroad – Changing Times– For Good or Bad
December 31, 2022

The New Year is almost upon us and there is a feeling in the air of change. It is yet to be determined if this feeling in the air is good or bad but I have seen numerous posts on social media about pe

Opening The Portals to Hell!!
December 24, 2022

This is an extra show to help catch up on the notes and, while looking though the notes I realized that allot of what needs to be covered concerns the fact that the portals to Hell have been opened we

There Is No Such Thing As A Moral Government!!!
December 21, 2022

Todays question is what does the government do and how many times have we created AI and then killed it until we could bring it under the full control of the powers that created it. All governments ar

What is Reality? – When Reality Is Shaken!
December 14, 2022

Some thoughs about all these videos out of China who is filming these events and how do they get them by thier censors and why is it always so good and well times take this one for example https://twi