The Reasons I'm Broke

The Reasons I'm Broke

Latest Episodes

#395 - Expertly Unemployed
April 05, 2020

In #395, we cover publisher plans for digital and physical comic releases, Jim Lee’s Instagram auction, the state of the comic store, and more!

#394 - Midnight Mystery Quarantine Spotlight
April 01, 2020

In #394, we spotlight Alterna Comics' Bernie Gonzalez as we discuss Midnight Mystery, the state of the comic industry, his process as an independent comic creator, and more!

#393 - Transformers Vs Terminator
March 29, 2020

In #393, we cover the recent theatrical delays and early release of comic book movies due to Coronavirus, Diamond Distributors pausing new books from hitting comic stores, we review Transformers Vs. Terminator #1, and more!

BTAS Commentary S1 E3 - Nothing To Fear
March 25, 2020

S1:E3 — A horrifying villain named Scarecrow spreads fear gas and wreaks havoc at Gotham State University.

#392 - #ComicsAndQuarantine
March 22, 2020

In #392, Troy from PREVIEWSworld guests on as we cover the Coronavirus closures, the state of the comic industry, Robin 80th Anniversary Spectacular #1, and more!

#391 - PalpaTakeover
March 15, 2020

In #391, we cover more convention Coronavirus cancellations, the long-awaited release date to Three Jokers, Sony’s latest go at a Spider-Man movie, and more!

BTAS Commentary S1 E2 - Christmas With The Joker
March 11, 2020

S1:E2 — The Joker kidnaps three prominent citizens during Christmas and challenges Batman to find him before midnight.

#390 - Strange Adventures Review Coronavirus COVID-19
March 08, 2020

In #390, we cover the No Time To Die delay, the new Batmobile film reveal, we review Strange Adventures #1, and more!

#389 - The Prince Of Creed
March 01, 2020

In #389, we cover along with special guest Kevin (Cup to Cup Podcast) Dan Didio getting removed from DC Comics, the March 2020 What’s New On Netflix Highlights, we review Amethyst #1, and more!

#388 - Affleck Pushed Out Of Batman
February 23, 2020

In #388, we cover Matt Reeves' Batman costume reveal, the return of BTAS to comics, we review Joker: Killer Smile #3, and more!