The Reasons I'm Broke

The Reasons I'm Broke

Latest Episodes

#416 - Injustice Year Zero
August 09, 2020

In #416, we cover the announcement of Injustice: Year Zero, Liam Neeson’s Honest Thief trailer, we review DCeased Dead Planet #2, and more!

#415 - ZSJL Associate Producers
August 02, 2020

In #415, we cover the Tom King Jae Lee Twitter controversy, the news from Justice Con 2020, we review Batman Superman #10, and more!

BTAS Commentary S1 E9 - Be A Clown
July 30, 2020

S1:E9 - The Joker infiltrates the birthday party of Mayor Hill's son in order to plant a bomb.

#414 - The Jimenez Batsuit
July 26, 2020

In #414, we cover the return of The Walking Dead comic, Zack Snyder’s interview on Beyond The Trailer, we review Batman #95, and more!

#413 - Rorschach Announced
July 19, 2020

In #413, we cover Marvel’s rescheduling of physical books, Tom King’s Rorscach announcement, we review Dark Nights Death Metal #2, and more!

#412 - Absolute Carnage POP
July 12, 2020

In #412, we cover Funko’s latest comic shop exclusives, IDW’s latest crossover, we review Sonic The Hedgehog Annual 2020, and more!

#411 - Fisher V Whedon
July 05, 2020

In #411, we cover Ray Fisher’s recent comments about Joey Whedon, the latest additions to HBO Max, we review Dragon Ball Super Vol. 09, and more!

BTAS Commentary S1 E8 - The Forgotten
July 01, 2020

S1:E8 - When men begin disappearing at a bowery, Bruce Wayne decides to go undercover as a worker. He loses his memory after he is attacked, kidnapped and forced to work in a mining camp.

#410 - Flashpoint Keaton
June 28, 2020

In #410, we cover Michael Keaton’s return as Batman, Diamond’s plans for Free Comic Book Day, we review Batman: The Smile Killer #1, and more!

#409 - Batman The Adventures Continue
June 21, 2020

In #409, we cover the announcement of New Pokémon Snap, Batman Begins’ 15-year anniversary, we review Batman: The Adventures Continue #1, and more!