The Reasons I'm Broke

The Reasons I'm Broke

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#369 - Joker Movie Review
October 13, 2019

In #369, we cover the state of current movies as outlined by Jennifer Aniston and Martin Scorcese, Zack Snyder’s Martian Manhunter reveal, we review the Joker movie, and more!

#368 - Birds Of Prey Trailer
October 06, 2019

In #368, we cover the Birds of Prey trailer, the Joker movie’s green carpet premiere, we review Batman TMNT #6, and more!

#367 - Harleen
September 29, 2019

In #367, we cover the latest Batman film casting reports, WB Montreal’s Batman Day hints, we review Harleen #1, and more!

#366 - Birds of Prey Black Labeled
September 22, 2019

In #366, we cover Birds of Prey’s comic resolicitation, the IMAX announcement for The Joker film, we review Batman #79, and more!

#365 - MCU And DCEU Fans Won't Hug It Out
September 15, 2019

In #365, we cover the FuniLeaks DBZ controversy, The Joker movie’s Venice premiere, we review DCeased: A Good Day To Die #1, and more!

#364 - Wizard World Chicago 2019
September 08, 2019

In #364, we cover Wizard World Chicago 2019, have a bit of Star Wars drunken rambling, and more!

#363 - Spider-Man Far From Feige
September 01, 2019

In #363, we cover the final Joker trailer, Spider-Man leaving the MCU, we review Batman Superman #1, and more!

#362 - A Batman Mask Of The Phantasm Retrospective
August 25, 2019

In #362, we cover Batman: Mask of the Phantasm through our own retrospective including box office, trivia, the movie’s impact, and more!

#361 - Joker Movie Box Office Estimates
August 18, 2019

In #361, we cover the Joker movie box office estimates, Greg Capullo re-signing with DC, we review No One Left To Fight #2, and more!

#360 - Black Suit Spidey
August 11, 2019

In #360, we cover the Disney+ price plan, Kevin Smith’s thoughts on the Snyder Cut, we review The Sensational Spider-Man: Self Improvement #1, and more!