The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

Evolution Is Afoot with This Rare Jupiter Neptune in Pisces Conjunction!

April 11, 2022

Jupiter Neptune in Pisces Conjunction Light Evolution The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast EpisodeHappy Jupiter Neptune in Pisces once-in-a-lifetime conjunction!  Today’s podcast episode of The Raw and Wild Hearts is called ‘Evolution Is Afoot’.  Is it ever and I don’t want you to miss out on the powers that are raining in with this rare and dreamy conjunction.  We have been getting in alignment for this boost in cellular recoding and light body activation.  But this isn’t a passive immediate gratification kind of thing.  This is a do your work or getting in alignment and transcending lower states of vibration kind of thing.  This is a choose the higher timeline kind of thing.  This is an unplug and integrate the massive incoming evolutionary energies kind of thing.  And I know you know, I got you!  I am here to  support and guide you into that exact power that is inherently within you, albeit repressed from a cultural disconnect, but there and ready to burst out and on the scene nonetheless!

And stick around because I created another beautiful meditation for this light body activation!  We are working with huge energies, downloads and light codes that are raining down into us.  I invite you to be intentional, engage your practice and experience quantum possibilities!  So let’s get aligned and let’s get to it.

Time Stamp:  Light Body Activation Meditation –  22.20

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