The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

Revolutionize and Rebuild with Holistic Business Strategist Sarah M. Chappell

March 06, 2022
Revolutionize and Rebuild with Holistic Business Strategist Sarah M. Chappell podcast episodeRevolutionize and Rebuild with Holistic Business Strategist Sarah M. Chappell

Podcast Episode Summary

Welcome to today’s podcast episode called ‘Revolutionize and Rebuild with Holistic Business Strategist Sarah M. Chappell.  Y’all I am fired up here and the reason is that I have been creating my soul mission business for the past year and if ever there is a time that we get confronted head on with the deep subconscious belief systems that were created from a fractured capitalist culture, internalized familial patterns and expectations and top down scarcity mindsets, it is in creating, sharing and growing a soul-led business.  Sarah and I passionately talk about paths toward dismantling the hustle culture, the competition culture, the lack culture.  They are everywhere and it’s a full-time job to reframe, align and transcend that messaging.  Sarah is out here breaking that mold.  She is getting to the heart of why we really strive to grow our businesses in the first place…. to live a well life.  To be a human first and foremost.  To share our knowledge and gifts with the world.  To get down with the truth, our soul and reality in all that they entail.  her company is here to offer tangible solutions and real honest time results.  It’s really a no bs platform from the start and that my friends, is how we disrupt the even more limited belief systems from day by day, person by person. 

Show Notes

Our history

Sarah’s crisis transformation

How do I sustain my personal needs

Importance of nurturing and representation

Cognitive dissonance from environment

One size forced all

Revolutionizing the way we create business

Direct impact on communities

It’s never been easier to create an online business

Practice what we teach

Normalizing flexibility in business and life

Channeling and creating before process vs product

Create a right-sized focus with money

Holding multiple truths is a strength for humans

The ripple effect of small business

Reframe failure and enhance learning

Magical realist in business

Concentric circles of care

Conscious consumption

Showing up in this collective

Deepest lie of capitalism

An economy based on community

Finding your agency in life and situations

Who would your dream guest be and why?

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