The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

2022 is The Year of Inspired Action

February 05, 2022

2022 predictions energies astrology channeled messagePodcast Episode Summary

Hello everyone!  Welcome to today’s wildly magical podcast episode, 2022 The Year of Inspired Action! Today is a quick chat about the 2022 messages and energies that I have been receiving and feeling and the theme is inspired action!  This is validation for how deeply you are feeling the new frequencies and fluctuations on the planet and how much quicker you are integrating them.  It’s about the ultimate understanding that when we truly invest our time, our money, our energy and our intention into our alignment, we get to experience a multi-dimensional reality that automatically elevates every part of this human journey.  We will get to flow with the upcoming Astrology from a place of centeredness and expansion.  Where you intentionally create is exactly where you will go, If you continue in resistance or habit, the restriction is about to tighten it’s grip, but if you choose a practice of flow and possibility, your creation energy will be beyond your wildest dreams so buckle up because we are blasting off!

Show Notes

The internal growth periods

Retrograde energies

Embodied consciousness

Reality check in New Earth

Divine truth meter

Age of Aquarius

Periods of deep work and integration

Sovereignty, strength and balance

USA Pluto Return

Neptune Jupiter in Pisces conjunction

Invest in your alignment

Be ready for the acceleration of energies

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