The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

Vanlife, The Beautiful Heart of Steph Lamas

January 10, 2022
vanlife ocd mental health dog rescue vanlifersVanlife, The Beautiful Heart of Steph Lamas

Podcast Episode Summary

Welcome to today’s episode, Vanlife, The Beautiful Heart of Steph Lamas.  Our conversation today really weaves us through how the Universe is constantly sending us messages for our soul’s growth once we release the mind chatter, how our bodies know what our hearts want and Steph shares with us how OCD has affected her life and how important awareness is.  It’s a great little convo about the unfolding of life in super real and raw ways, whether you’re in vanlife or not.  What a bright soul this one is.

Show Notes

What a beautiful tender heart

Love, kindness and animal crazy is in our DNA

How did your partner Alejandro and vanlife come into your life?

The Universe sends us the people and situations that are meant to continue our soul growth

A journey through a dog’s rescue

How we are denying our internal guidance constantly

OCD awareness and advocation

Ritual and mind connection

The power of sharing experience and support in communities

Who is your dream guest and why?

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