The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

Life and Life with Micah Stover

December 05, 2021
life and deathLife and Life with Micah Stover

Podcast Episode Summary

It’s a short, but powerful one today!

First off, I’ve got some BIG inspiration for you about the human evolution in light that is going down right now (yes, amidst all the chaos) and it’s available through the journey you are open to embarking upon!  I also included a little bonus excerpt from our larger passionate conversation in my last podcast exchange entitled ‘Uncovering Our Cosmic Design’ with psychedelic therapist and guide Micah Stover.  What happens when we revere life and death and how can immersing oneself in another culture be the springboard into new and profound understandings?  Spoiler alert, huge states of healing in this human experience.

Show Notes

Your majesty and birth right divinity

Higher states of light available to us now

Awaken Your Life Force Digital Course

There is no life without death

Reverence for birth, children, elders and death

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