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The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

Uncovering Our Cosmic Design with Micah Stover Podcast Episode

November 21, 2021
Uncovering Our Cosmic Design with Micah Stover

Podcast Episode Summary

Today Micah and I dive into psychedelic therapy, which is her area of expertise, but really this exchange is much more about the journey into finding the catalysts that resonate with your unique path into deep trauma healing and ultimately living from your innate greatness and capacity. Micah comes into this evolution from MDMA, psilocybin and process work, while I come at it from our cells and body consciousness, but ultimately we are speaking the same language when it comes to identifying trauma, programming, limitations, seeking out aligned therapies and protocols to access the root of imbalance and ultimately integrating the new states of being into our human and physical lives.  I wanted to chat with Micah today to get super real about healthy and balanced paths into this world of ancient medicines that are getting a modern spin now.  And this is a disclaimer to this entire conversation.  Neither Micah nor I are giving out medical advice here.  We are offering knowledge from our experience in trauma healing work, but we are in no way telling you to start or stop medications or substances without the guidance of a trained healthcare professional.  This exchange is for information purposes only.  Please seek out a holistic healthcare team that listens to your needs and offers a safe space to explore ways to unlock your robust wellness, greatness and majesty!

Show Notes

Our history

Intellectualized Trauma

Journey into psychedelic therapy

Control as a catalyst for trauma

The critical nature of a holistic support team

You cannot separate the metaphysical from the physical

The R-evolution

Old Patriarchal systems dismantling

The full embodied Divine Feminine

Cellular embodiment and trauma healing

Psychedelic Medicines support in trauma healing

A push pull with our birth culture, transcendent energy and understanding Epigenetics

Psychedelic therapy trials and results

A brush with death as an invitation to live

Ancient medicines that are not new, but the cultural focus is new

Success measures are placed on the outside of ourselves

Focus on binary state of consciousness

Taking the brakes off to access our innate Source Energy and healing

The psychedelics are the conduit to tap into self

Changing trauma formed neural pathways takes time

Being comfortable in our pain

You need a fucking protocol

De facto medications worth taking time to explore

How do we find the root cause?

MAPS organization driving research and legalization of psychedelic therapy

The importance of integrative work

Travel as a catalyst to transformation

Gestation period for all healing journeys

Our body consciousness is a guide to every facet of life

Our cosmic design

Who would your dream guest be and why?

Micah’s prescriptive memoir

Links Mentioned

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