The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

Quarantine Real Talk

April 19, 2020

Episode Summary
Today I decided to have candid conversations with several colleagues about their thoughts on the Coronavirus and Quarantine.  This comes in the fourth week of physical distancing.  I wanted to get a feel for how people were moving through their process, personally and professionally.  I just thought it might be good to be a little more informal and vulnerable and raw.  Well, who am I kidding, I get raw with every episode!  We get into the mental process of the changes, financial fears, theories about cellular health and viruses, explorations of types of grief we may encounter, the environmental impact of a worldwide shut down, acknowledging the need for change in a system that is not supporting it’s citizens, listening to mother nature and so much more.  I want to be clear, though, that these conversations are opinion-based.  Although we are all healthcare professionals, we are not siting studies or data.  We are expressing human experience and thoughts.  I invite you to be curious in your reactions so that you can continue to uncover your own truths in your process and thank you for joining in ours.
Show Notes:

* Mental process through the quarantine changes
*  Impending financial doom
*  Trying to keep perspective
*  Dr. Thomas Cowen theory
*  Offering self-care tips and tools for sudden big computer use
*  Being of service is big work, hard work
*  The Great Surrender – In community more now in isolation
*  It’s not social distancing, it’s physical distancing
*  The generosity and connection of people in a crisis
*  What financial security could do for the health of humanity
*  Healers have to be out of survival mode in order to help people heal
*  Important to Look at how all care has been directed to the hospitals
*  Understanding the grief of fast change
*  It’s up to the human race if we can save ourselves
*  Sharing resources -the bigger picture you get, the less fear you have
*  Technology keep people alive longer than ever – underlying medical conditions
*  Newfound appreciation for nature and the earth
*  “Mom, Covid sucks”
*  There’s Covid and then there’s the American response to Covid
*  A beneficial environmental perspective, especially for our kids
*  Let’s listen to mother nature
*  Viruses are opportunistic
*  The thing we all need here is faith – How do you know you’re ok?
*  Closing the generational gap and learning from each other
* Albert Einstein – Is the universe good or is the universe bad?

Links Mentioned:

* Kelly Hirstein
* Dr. Ashley Haywood & Dr. Molly O’Neil
* Charlie Cavallo
* ‘The Covid Evolution; Humans Becoming Human Again
* Self-care Tips and Tools for Pain and Wellness
* Seeking Health Supplements
* Albert Einstein
* https://www.