The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

Quarantine Real Talk

April 19, 2020

Quarantine Real Talk
Episode Summary
Today I decided to have candid conversations with several colleagues about their thoughts on the Coronavirus and Quarantine.  This comes in the fourth week of physical distancing.  I wanted to get a feel for how people were moving through their process, personally and professionally.  I just thought it might be good to be a little more informal and vulnerable and raw.  We get into the mental process of the changes, financial fears, explorations of types of grief we may encounter, the environmental impact of a worldwide shut down, acknowledging the need for change in a system that is not supporting it’s citizens, listening to mother nature and so much more.  I want to be clear, though, that these conversations are opinion-based.  Although we are all healthcare professionals, we are not siting studies or data.  We are expressing human experience and thoughts.  I invite you to be curious in your reactions so that you can continue to uncover your own truths in your process and thank you for joining in ours.
Show Notes:

* Mental process through the quarantine changes
*  Impending financial doom
*  Trying to keep perspective
*  Offering self-care tips and tools for sudden big computer use
*  Being of service is big work, hard work
*  The Great Surrender - In community more now in isolation
*  It’s not social distancing, it’s physical distancing
*  The generosity and connection of people in a crisis
*  What financial security could do for the health of humanity
*  Healers have to be out of survival mode in order to help people heal
*  Important to Look at how all care has been directed to the hospitals
*  Understanding the grief of fast change
*  It’s up to the human race if we can save ourselves
*  Sharing resources -the bigger picture you get, the less fear you have
*  Technology keep people alive longer than ever - underlying medical conditions
*  Newfound appreciation for nature and the earth
*  “Mom, Covid sucks”
*  There’s Covid and then there’s the American response to Covid
*  A beneficial environmental perspective, especially for our kids
*  Let’s listen to mother nature
*  Viruses are opportunistic
*  The thing we all need here is faith - How do you know you’re ok?
*  Closing the generational gap and learning from each other
* Albert Einstein - Is the universe good or is the universe bad?

Links Mentioned:

* Kelly Hirstein
* Dr. Ashley Haywood & Dr. Molly O'Neil
* Charlie Cavallo
* 'The Covid Evolution; Humans Becoming Human Again'
* Self-care Tips and Tools for Pain and Wellness
* Seeking Health Supplements
* Albert Einstein
* https://www.biography.