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The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

Laughter is Medicine, The Art of Crafting Puppets and A Life in Comedy with Ben Harkins

March 08, 2020

Episode Summary
Originally from Pittsburgh, Ben Harkins is a Portland based comic. His unsweetened wisdom and deadpan delivery have made him an audience favorite throughout the PNW. His irreverent material attacks everything from the cost of groceries to the extinction of species. He was recently voted Portland’s Funniest Comic in Willamette Weeks Funniest Five. He is also the host of Dark Web Tonight a live video clip show every third friday at Kickstand Comedy Space.  We will be getting down with my guest today where he gives us insights about finding his funny, using meditation for mental health, the  puppets that are ruling his world, the perks of Portland’s comedy scene, what persistence in the pursuit of passion can do and so much more. You will get the treat of hearing some of his comedy, as well as some oracle card fun we had.  It’s a journey so I hope you enjoy the ride with us!
Show Notes:
In today’s episode we touch on mental health briefly and tools for navigating the journey.  I just want to say that many cities and towns have resources available that you may not even know about.  There may be hotlines, nonprofit programs or even school clinic’s where you can find therapist’s completing their school clinic to obtain their license.  I’ve heard amazing things about our school clinic’s here in Portland.  I am going to include a national suicide prevention hotline in the show notes.  If you find yourself in a difficult place without the tools to navigate it please reach out.  Community is here for you.  We are hard wired for connection and can really thrive in that space!  Let’s do this together y’all!

*  Portland’s funniest as voted by the Willamette Week
* “I always wanted to be funny”
* Meditation for mental health
* Portland’s comedy scene
* Crafting in the morning
* The art of crafting puppets
* Masochism in standup
* Let’s get witchy
* Oracle card fun
* Persistence in  your pursuits of passion
* “Figure out your goals and your motivation”
* Spontaneous vs. structured standup
* Who is your dream guest and why?
* Wooing Fortune Feimster

Links Mentioned:

* Ben Harkins
* Fizbys Classroom – Ben Harkin’s puppet sketch
* National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
* National Listing for Mental Health Counselors in the United States

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