The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast

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Laughter is Medicine, Setting the Bar with The Really Real Mama
August 02, 2020

Episode Summary Interview begins at 6.28 Amber Albin is a mom, wife, lawyer, former nurse, children’s author, overcommitter, recovering Mormon and two-faced Gemini.  She makes self-deprecating and sometimes funny videos on the IG grid,

The 2020 Astrological Report Card with Molly McCord
July 24, 2020

Episode Summary Interview begins at 6.56 Molly McCord, M.A., is a best-selling author of ten books with over 50,000 downloads, intuitive astrologer, business strategist, radio show host and modern consciousness teacher.

From Childhood Abuse to Living Unbroken with Michael Anthony
July 05, 2020

Episode Summary Michael Anthony is the author of the best-selling book Think Unbroken and is a coach, mentor, and advocate for adult survivors of child abuse.. Michael spends his time helping other survivors get out of “The Vortex” to become the hero o...

A Critical Conversation About Racial Profiling and Police Reform
June 14, 2020

Episode Summary This is an intimate conversation from the perspective of Todd Davis, a Black Man in the United States of America who shares the racial profiling he has experienced from police and Dave Smith,

Screw Happiness, I Want Empowerment with Thug Unicorn!
May 24, 2020

Episode Summary TANYA MARKUL is the author of The She Book. Early in life, she discovered emotional pain to be a sustainable resource for art and creation—and she hasn’t stopped writing since. Her quotes, stories, poems,

Empower Your Health During Coronavirus and Always with Dr. Peter Borten
May 03, 2020

Episode Summary Dr. Peter Borten has been helping people achieve whole health for 20 years. He has degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Classical Five Element Acupuncture and is a certified Qigong instructor.

Quarantine Real Talk
April 19, 2020

Episode Summary Today I decided to have candid conversations with several colleagues about their thoughts on the Coronavirus and Quarantine.  This comes in the fourth week of physical distancing.  I wanted to get a feel for how people were moving throu...

The Language of Grief with Morgan Wade
April 05, 2020

Today we start to look at the language of grief for support and understanding. We will explore the pain that comes after the sudden loss of a person, how loss is human, the collective layers of grief we are experiencing now and how grief can become our...

COVID, A Hypnosis Around Abundance, Money and Trust
March 30, 2020

Episode Summary The fear release and meditation begin at 12:10 if you want to skip the conversation.  Today my guest is… me.  I made another hypnosis for you to use for abundance, money and trust around the economic changes and personal changes that ma...

The Road to Rockin Out with Gabby Holt
March 23, 2020

Episode Summary Gabby Holt is the real thing. The Portland native brings a balance of shimmering vocals, dynamic guitar work, and a profound technical command of the stage to creating the next generation of anthemic rock music.