The Quad M Show - Quad M Productions

The Quad M Show - Quad M Productions

#170 - Meat Cake, Four Loko, & Alibis From Mom

September 24, 2019

Hosts: TJ, Jason, Steve, Marty

This week on the show:

Segment One: Steve’s culinary skills bring about discussion of meat cake and nutria-loaf. Marty enters the world of home ownership. Honesty in serial flashing. What’s in Marty’s sack? TJ hangs a TV. and sucks at bowling. Steve questions the show’s editorial choices.

Segment Two: FGS brings us a discussion on the pronunciation of “jaguar” and a Florida couple’s happy time in the back of a patrol car. HOT TAKES carries over with talk of Four Loco, regional drinking volumes, Steve asks “Would your mom lie to you if you needed an alibi?”

Segment Three: The guys debate the best part of Gardetto’s and chocolate bars.. REDDIT FUN looks at what needs to be written on the side to get you into a van?

Skipping and frolicking abound! It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!