The Quad M Show - Quad M Productions

The Quad M Show - Quad M Productions

#164 - Hard Knocks, Jeffery Epstein, & Quality Cable Service

August 12, 2019

Your Hosts: TJ, Steve, & Marty

This week on the show:

Segment One: Marty’s back! New Kid Steve continues his relationship with Molly and joins a dart league. TJ and Marty gear up for bowling league, NKS and TJ reminisce about their history working for the cable company. TJ gets accosted by a Jehovah’s Witness.

Segment Two: FGS presents gay orgy gun theft. HOT TAKES covers the premier episode of Hard Knocks featuring The Oakland Raiders, show host sitting styles, Jeffery Epstein, and NKS has some local weirdness.

Segment Three: REDDIT FUN had TJ asking NKS and Marty “Do You Know Your Yiddish?”

All wheat, no chaff. It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!