The Quad M Show - Quad M Productions

The Quad M Show - Quad M Productions

#162 - Rutger Hauer, Lots Of Movie Reviews, & A Friend Named Molly

July 29, 2019

This week on the show:

Hosts: TJ, Jason, Steve, Aaron

Segment One: Jason has family in town and proves NKS wrong. NKS and ATJ have a rousing good time with their new friend. TJ has an impassioned pleas for cosplayers going to the bar.

Segment Two: FGS covers for similar yet separate incidences involving ambulances and juvenile racial slurs. HOT TAKES remembers actor Rutger Hauer and Mad Magazine. Non-spoilers abound as NKS reviews Alita: Battle Angel and TJ reviews Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse as well as Stranger Things Season 3.

Segment 3: REDDIT FUN ask you to change one letter in a super-hero’s name. Hilarity ensures.

Don’t worry about the secret knock. All are welcomed at THE QUAD M SHOW.