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The Best Of 2019: Volume Two
December 30, 2019

In this second volume of the best of THE QUAD M SHOW’S 2019, your host, Connie Lingus, covers more of the greatest hist of the past year. The waxing of TJ and New Kid Steve (including the lead up, the bet, and the payoff) FGS winner La Fiera New Kid S

The Best Of 2019: Volume One
December 24, 2019

Join Connie as she present some of the best 2019 had to offer from THE QUAD M SHOW. Featuring: Phoner from friend of the show Marq Piocos as he gets in a little too deep with some shady characters. An FGS featuring snake oil and a revelation about Mart

Interview - Derek Crabbe
December 06, 2019

This week on the show: Thanksgiving holiday, illness, and life in general be damned! This week in place of a normal show, TJ interviews HISTORY OF COMICS ON FILM’s and FANHOLES’ creator and host, Derek Crabbe! The guys discuss the latest episode of HIST