The Purposeful Creative: For Anyone Trying To Find Their Place In The World

The Purposeful Creative: For Anyone Trying To Find Their Place In The World

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5 Lessons I Learned In My 20’s: Money, Career, Love, Health, Life #thePlan
December 31, 2019

This whole adulting thing is hard, am I right? In this episode, I share a few lessons I learned in the past decade, and #thePlan for 2020.

8 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mistakes in 2018
January 01, 2019

BONUS EPISODE: A year-ender reflection for 2018. I made a lot of mistakes this year, I need to own up to them, and hold myself accountable. And that’s what this episode is all about. I’ll talk about self-doubt, money, feeling lost in life, shame,

5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mistakes in 2018
December 31, 2018

BONUS EPISODE: A year-ender reflection for 2018.

My Failed Experiment & How Design Thinking Helped Me Develop Failure Immunity: The Last Episode
May 08, 2017

Have you ever failed at something very important to you? If you have, I know what you feel. It sucks, right? But I guess the more important question I have is: What did you do about it? That’s what we’ll discuss in this season-ender episode of The Purp...

Ep. #16: Adulting Advice for Passion-Fueled, Purpose-Seeking Millennials
April 22, 2017

Today is a special Q&A episode, and this episode is definitely for you if you are someone who is struggling with figuring things out in “adult life.” This episode is for you if: I really think you will find this episode valuable if you have questions a...

Mini: How to Start A Social Enterprise – or Any Purpose-Driven Project (with Reese Fernandez-Ruiz)
April 15, 2017

In today’s short episode, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz of Rags2Riches is back to talk about how to start a social enterprise. In this episode, she’ll outline how she started that journey, and more valuable tips on becoming a social entrepreneur.

Ep. #15: Finding Your Why & Growing Your Business Around It – Social Entrepreneurship with Reese Fernandez-Ruiz)
April 06, 2017

‘Before, [my relationship with purpose] was very image-driven. ‘Okay, I will look like a good person, I’m amazing, I’m such a great entrepreneur.’ But it has evolved over the years. It became less about how it will look like on me,

How to Share Your Work on Social Media… Without The Shame [Quick Start Guide]
April 03, 2017

I know how intimidating it is to start sharing your work online, and being really anxious about what your friends will say – especially your immediate circle. You get scared that they’ll make fun of you, tease you, or think you’re being too ambitious,

Ep. #14: Why It’s Okay to Have More than One Passion, Unabashed Ambition, and to Make Money from Your Art (with Reese Lansangan)
March 30, 2017

Today’s guest is Reese Lansangan, a 26 year old singer-songwriter, visual artist, graphic designer, fashion designer, and published author; all rolled into one convenient sushi. In this conversation, we we delved into tricky issues like feelings of jea...

Mini: Building A Team Around Your Passion Project (with Roxy Navarro)
March 27, 2017

In today’s story I am bringing back Roxy Navarro, who I talked to in the previous episode, Episode 13, where we talked about her business called Works of Heart.  In this episode, she’ll tell us about how she found like-minded people,