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Episode #26: Consumerism in Health Care, Part II: Health Care Literacy and Moral Hazard
September 10, 2020

Consumers are looking for ways to lower their health costs. Yet the biggest component to their health care budget is something they cannot change: monthly health insurance premiums. In this ...

Episode #25: Consumerism in Health Care: Part I
August 11, 2020

Health care is almost a $4 trillion industry, yet it has yet to be “consumerized.” Politicians and industry leaders talk frequently about serving the consumer, but what do they really ...

Episode #24 – Don’t Use Covid-19 as an Excuse to Bail-Out the American Hospital System
July 28, 2020

The American hospital system has been under strain with the rise in Covid-19 cases. In some locations around the country, hospitals are busting at the gills, at full occupancy. The ...

Episode #23 – Telemedicine: Your Doctor is In. Your Telemedicine Company is Out.
July 03, 2020

Telemedicine, also known as telehealth, takes your doctor experience and makes it virtual. We’ve come to love it now that we’ve been sheltering at home. It’s convenient, but is it ...

Episode #22 – All for One and One for All in the Time of a Pandemic
April 24, 2020

Orders for self-quarantining and social distancing have been established across the country as communities battle the COVID-19 coronavirus. We’ve been asked to come together, to make individual sacrifices, all for the greater good of our fellow citizen...

Episode #21 – COVID-19 Puts a New Lens to the American Health Care System
March 26, 2020

We’ve all been affected by the spread of the coronavirus. Theories abound about what’s been going right and what’s been going wrong. In this show, Powers skips over all of that and talks about how CIVID-19 is and should change the way we look at differ...

Episode #20 – What Health Care Can Learn from the Iowa Caucus Debacle
February 18, 2020

The American political apparatus imploded as the primary season kicked off in Iowa this February. Many wonder how things could have gotten so bad…but then again, many of are wondering the same thing about the health care system.  In this show,

Episode #19 – My Year Without Health Insurance
January 23, 2020

Health care costs in America have skyrocketed and the cost of insurance is getting out of control. First premiums went through the roof. Then deductible levels went sky-high. If you’re relatively healthy, you’re definitely spending more on insurance th...

Episode #18 – Getting Old Is Hard to Do: Thoughts on Long-Term Care
October 21, 2019

There’s been plenty of talk about Medicare, the public health program for the elderly. Many people don’t realize that Medicare does not cover most of the costs for long-term care. As a result, more and [...]

Episode #17 – Price Transparency, Part II: What to Do About Drugs
September 30, 2019

This is the second in a two-part series about price transparency. In the first podcast, I discussed pricing as it related to hospitals and other providers. In this episode, I will talk about the pharmaceutical industry – a little about how it works and...