The PotCast With AdaMaCaDocious And Manny Blunts

The PotCast With AdaMaCaDocious And Manny Blunts

Latest Episodes

The PotCast 238 - The PotBar episode 1
June 14, 2013

The PotCast is back after a month off with special co host Sean Kush of

Denver High Times Cannabis Cup Day 2
May 31, 2013

day 2 at Colorado Rec cup. What we recorded and saved

The PotCast 237 - A Waxy Kushman Cast
May 10, 2013

The PotCast welcomes award winning grower Kyle Kushman and Extract Artist Waxy Willy to this podcast of an informative, fun, real smoke session. Veganics, propositions, legalities, Strawberry Cough, GSC and the future of cannabis were all discussed on thi

Denver High Times Cannabis Cup Day 1
May 07, 2013

The first day of the PotCast from The US Cannabis Cup from Denver. A lot of interviews with weedlebrities and dabbing on this day!

PotCast 236 - Hail Many Dabs
May 03, 2013

The PotCast chills out with Travis of and Good ole' Randy Wang of the Pretty Good Podcast and discuss dabs, life, and the pursuit of the misinformed in the studios

PotCast 235 - Decently Stoned with Brett and the Guy
April 26, 2013

Brett Bogue of Apothecary Genetics gets intense on this session of the Potcast as we discuss many things cannabis related including HTCC Colorado results. Guy, from Decently Funny with Nuzzy and the Guy, chills out and absorbs all this cannabis controvers

PotCast 234 - PotCastaval
April 20, 2013

Live from the Cannaval in Denver, Colorado at Hood Lab HQ The PotCast takes over and goes live with all sorts of guests from Denver to talk about the Colorado Culture and Community. What does the PotCast have to expect in Denver for one

PotCast 233 - Dabbing and Blabbing
April 12, 2013

Manny Blunts and Adam Ill Dab and Blab about the upcoming adventures of The PotCast and the roads to Denver.

PotCast 232 - PC WCC BHOMB VA 710
April 05, 2013

Veteran Jeff tells us his story about being discriminated against for having THC in his system. We cheer him up with award winning concentrates as West Coast Cure and Bhomb Concentrates bring slabs and heady glass to dab.

PotCast 231 - DTFO
March 29, 2013

Uncle Imani of The Pharcyde rejoins the session after his SXSW tour to get DTFO.  He brings in Cousin Chris for his first dab on the PotCast so we spoil his tolerance.  PAT and Kentron rejoin the show and play live while the nail stays hot. Yall ready?