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The Payroll Podcast

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AI & Machine Learning’s influence on the future of Payroll with Rohit Mathur #65
September 10, 2021

With global payroll, AI and Machine Learning all hot topics right now as businesses seek to transform and improve global payroll services, we meet with Rohit Mathur from Ramco who tells us about the l

Cyber Security: Phishing, Ransomware and a Web of Lies with Bryan Seely #64
August 25, 2021

Bryan has advised the White House and is the only hacker and speaker who has successfully wiretapped the United States Secret Service and the FBI, which has put him on the front page of, CNN

Payroll in the Middle East with Diana Geldenhuys #63
July 28, 2021

Diana is CEO of both GulfHR and OPS (Outsourced Payroll Solutions) and an expert in the complexities and nuances of managing Payroll in the Middle East.  Emirates Women Award of the Year award in 2016

Payroll Question Time: PENP Termination payments & Payrolling Benefits in Kind #62
July 13, 2021

Join SD Worx fand our expert payroll panel to explore all the key issues currently affecting the world of payroll!  In this episode we discuss : PENP Termination payments, National Minimum Wage for 20

Payroll Question Time: New Legislation & The Pay on Demand Debate #61
July 13, 2021

Listen to this special episode of the Payroll Podcast and join SD Worx for May's Payroll Question Time, with host Nick Day, CEO at JGA Recruitment Group.  Listen to the expert payroll panel, as they e

Payrolling Employees with Bitcoin & Crypto Payments – with Jonathan Chester #60
June 30, 2021

How can Bitcoin/crypto payroll transform & revolutionize payroll?  Bitwage offers solutions for workers to receive wages in various currencies, including Bitcoin as well as other Cryptocurrencies. Sin

Global Touchless Payroll & RPA – with Richard Limpkin #59
June 03, 2021

Chief Product Officer, Richard possesses over 20 years of focussed experience in the Human Capital Management (HCM) and Global Payroll technology space where he has been focused on improving the efficiency of the global payroll process for clients worl...

HMRC Transforming Payroll in a Pandemic with Joanna Rowland #58
May 11, 2021

Joanna is an experienced Director General at HMRC. Joanna was also Programme Director for the Making Tax Digital project.  We discuss how HMRC managed to navigate the rapid changes required in response to the COVID pandemic. We discover how,

Payroll Question Time: April Changes for the New Tax Year #57
April 30, 2021

Listen to this special episode of the Payroll Podcast and join SD Worx for this monthly Payroll Question Time, with new host Nick Day. In association with an expert payroll panel, we explore all the key issues currently affecting the world of payroll!...

Payroll Requires Trust. Examining the Speed of Trust with Stephen M. R. Covey #56
April 12, 2021

Payroll Requires Trust. Nick Day asks the New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of “The Speed of Trust” (which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide), Mr Stephen M. R Covey, questions related to how Payroll Leaders can truly d...