The Path of The Lightworker Podcast

The Path of The Lightworker Podcast

Latest Episodes

024-Kyrin Dunston, MD
March 21, 2019

Dr. Kyrin Dunston shares her journey from busy, overworked OBGYN who bought into 'pill for every ill' practice. Her own health journey and an intense spiritual manifestation began to change her entire view of health care.

023-Shanae Draper
February 28, 2019

Shanae is a self-taught astrologer that has been guided by her connection to spirit. She has been a journey of trusting her unique intuitive gifts. Her ability to let the planets 'speak' in a natal chart reading lends itself to a very deep and powerf...

022-Mark Haviland
February 08, 2019

Mark takes us through his healing journey which involved going into the darkest of moments and experiencing a literal death in order to unearth his ability to heal. His own healing crisis led him to exploring several modalities studying with many maste...

021-Helen Owens
January 24, 2019

Helen Owens is a teacher/mentor and author of Following Your She Compass. As a child, Helen was a victim of severe dyslexia, childhood hair loss, and the bullying that often accompanies the experiences of differently-abled people,

020-Tricia Barker
January 10, 2019

Tricia shares how a NDE (Near Death Experience) changed her life completely. After dying on the operating table, Tricia finds herself in the presence of Angels and then God. As a young agnostic, her entire world transforms.

019-Kayma Englund
December 13, 2018

Kayma Englund is a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Channel that has come to understand and work with her extreme sensitivity.  As a child, she was able to feel and understand the world around her on a different level.

018-Lyn Delmastro-Thomson
December 06, 2018

Lyn Delmastro-Thomson shares how a terrifying (mis)diagnosis and grieving an unexpected death became the greatest catalysts to her own healing.  Her journey is one of finding her path through her own powerful intuition.

017-Tori Nicole
November 22, 2018

Tori Nicole finds her true calling through having honest conversations with women about sex.  A rape survivor herself, she recognized the depth and layers of the trauma of sexual abuse.  Coming from the corporate world and looking for a way out,

016-Alessandra Johnston
November 15, 2018

Alessandra Johnston shares her story of awakening that started with a ghost.  She takes us on her journey of opening up to the experiences and synchronistic events that she began to see as guidance.  This guidance ultimately led her to begin a podcast ...

015-Wendy Rae
October 25, 2018

  - Wendy Rae joins us to bring us along her incredibly synchronistic path.  From a child with visions and prophetic dreams, she didn't feel seen or understood by those around her.  She began to feel shame surrounding her gifts,