The OT Roundtable

The OT Roundtable

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06 –  Should Therapy Be Conducted Outdoors
November 27, 2020

For some students virtual learning and, in turn, virtual therapy is the only option available. Zoom fatigue, anyone?

05 – Should Every OT Practitioner Be A Fieldwork Educator?
September 01, 2020

Get ready, because episode 5 is here: Should Every OT Practitioner Be A Fieldwork Educator? Whether you are a student, practitioner, in a supervisor role, or in the healthcare field in general, this episode is for you! So basically, we are talking to YOU!

04 – Do Occupational Therapy Practitioners Make Good Entrepreneurs?
August 07, 2020

Tomeico is an occupational therapist in North Carolina and entrepreneur extraordinaire. She is the host of the Therapy Entrepreneurs and Leaders of Color podcast, owner of Fasion Consulting (a business coaching and consulting company for therapy entrep...

03 – Who is the Imposter?
June 12, 2020

Alondra is an occupational therapist in Bay Area California and currently, she provides services via Hippotherapy, which entails incorporating horses And utilizing the movement of the horse Within the treatment sessions.

02 – What Impact is Isolation Having on People’s Habits, Routines and Health
April 27, 2020

This episode we are diving into the effects we have been experiencing recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and “safer-at-home” restrictions. We looked at how it has impacted our habits and routines and also what we can do to adjust to these changes to...

01 – What are the Occupational Implications of COVID-19?
March 24, 2020

As occupational therapists, we are innately adaptable, but these are especially unpredictable times due to COVID-19. Our occupations, both on a personal and professional level, are being impacted on a global scale.

00 – Welcome To The OT Roundtable
February 20, 2020

We are going to have roundtable discussions about pressing topics related to occupational therapy. On top of that, we will be bringing in guests with expertise in the topic areas to broaden the experience and it’s our goal to facilitate conversations t...