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Biden, Inc and Wonders of Israel
October 26, 2020

Biden, Inc. is in more trouble than ever, and it’s getting worse. And an interview with a young man who quit his job and took his family to Israel for a year in the middle of the coronavirus.  Image: AP

It’s All About Politics!
October 17, 2020

The confirmation hearings of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is the big story of the week! But not the only one. Joe Biden is slipping badly, and the election is less than three weeks away. What are the Democrats up to now?

Consequences: The Virus, The Riots, and The 2020 Elections
October 11, 2020

The President’s bout with COVID-19 was a shock to the nation, and its implications reverberated with both those who love him and those who hate him. Corruption in Washington is about to be uncovered with the release of documents.

First Presidential Debate & Chaos in our Cities
October 02, 2020

As we prepare for the upcoming elections, we take a look at the chaos in our cities, the anger on our streets, and the contenders for the Presidency who are vying for the right to solve the problems at the heart of our nation.

America’s Perfect Storm Just Got Worst
September 26, 2020

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has created a whirlwind in a hurricane and the country is reeling as the 2020 elections get closer. Threats of a firestorm if Biden is not elected. Barrels of dark money flowing into Democrat coffers.

World in Disorder & Hope for Peace
September 20, 2020

Our cities are dysfunctional, our politics get more nasty every day, the weather is crazy with high winds, fires, and floods, and yet, there is an island of hope that found its way to the White House on September 15th. 

Insurrection and a New Hope for Peace
September 16, 2020

American cities are in flames, the country is facing a pivotal election, and the anarchists and socialists are threatening civil war. What would that look like? How will America survive? This is a must listen for a no nonsense look at what may happen n...

September 06, 2020

What do the Democrat and Republican Conventions, the China Virus, the riots on the streets, and the flight from the city all have in common? They are all challenges that Americans have to face today. And what’s next?

August 30, 2020

In this episode of The Freedman Report, Ilana is joined by Michael Johns, a former White House speechwriter, Heritage Foundation foreign policy analyst, and national Tea Party movement co-founder. Michael is also co-host of Viewpoint Presents with Malc...

August 22, 2020

The Virtual Democrat National Convention shed some light on the Democrat’s game plan in the coming weeks - full of lies and innuendos. The riots are getting worse, but the Democrats ignored them. And the Israel-UAE agreement to normalize relations.