National Day Calendar

National Day Calendar

November 20, 2021 - National Child's Day | National Games And Puzzles Week

November 19, 2021

Welcome to November 20, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate kids and the games for kids at heart. 

While not everyone becomes a parent, most of us have some effect on the children around us and today we focus on some important things to remember about early childhood development. From the time they are born babies spend 60 percent of their energy on brain development. In fact the human brain grows so quickly that if the rest of a newborn's body grew at that rate it would weigh 170 pounds after only one month. And while most parents understand their role as their child's first teacher, it's also important to see the bigger picture. Because all caregivers affect the development of a child it's important to remember that it takes a village. On National Child’s Day we honor our children and celebrate those who make a difference to them every day. 

As we gather together with our families next week, we can be sure of a few things, we will eat too much and someone will stir up a family ruckus. It’s time to plan ahead, not only for Thanksgiving dinner, but also for what to do before and after the feast is served. Games bring people together, which is exactly what this holiday is about. Yes, there may be some arguments, but it’s better to scrap over who owns Park Place than so many other things. Puzzles can keep the brain occupied, even through a carb induced fog. If you have something for everyone on hand your dinner is bound to go smoothly. Even with a house full of kids at heart. Next week is National Games and Puzzles Week, an easy and fun way to keep things light, while dinner does the heavy lifting. 

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