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Episode 198: Bro Code | Thomas B. Evans, Jr.
November 01, 2023

Tina and Hillary cover former US House Representative from Delaware, Thomas B. Evans.US House Rep Thomas B. Evans, Jr. seemed like a typical politician. But he found himself entangled with a pinup Playboy model lobbyist, sparking rumors of her using unc

Episode 197: Vampire Style | Huey Long
October 25, 2023

Hillary and Tina cover former Louisiana Governor and US Senator, Huey Long.Huey Long, the charismatic yet controversial Louisiana Governor and US Senator, wielded power with strong-arm tactics. BUT his story takes a dark turn when he's assassinated,

Episode 196: Honest Dick | James "Honest Dick" Tate
October 18, 2023

Tina and Hillary cover former Kentucky State Treasurer, James "Honest Dick" Tate.Kentucky State Treasurer James Tate was known for his honesty. But when he vanished with a stolen fortune, he triggered a nationwide manhunt proving that even the

Episode 195: Sick AF | Vikki Kittles
October 11, 2023

Hillary and Tina cover animal hoarder Vikki Kittles.Vikki Kittles, known for animal hoarding and abuse and spent years avoiding consequences. BUT ultimately her actions led to the creation of protective laws. SourcesHillary's StoryThe AstorianK

Episode 194: Bro. Bruh. | Robert Bentley
October 04, 2023

Tina and Hillary cover former Alabama governor, Robert Bentley.Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, a self-proclaimed champion of family values, upheld his marriage vows for nearly half a century. BUT his time in office took a surprising turn as he used his

Episode 193: Abortion is Not a Dirty Word | Zoot Suit Riots
September 27, 2023

Hillary and Tina cover the Zoot Suit Riots of 1943.In Los Angeles, the Zoot Suit Riots of 1943 were fueled by tensions that ran deep. BUT in the chaos, a stark example of underlying racism emerged, exposing an uncomfortable truth about America's pas

Episode 192: PDA | Dennis Tyler
September 20, 2023

Tina and Hillary cover former Muncie, Indiana mayor, Dennis Tyler.Dennis Tyler's term as Muncie mayor was coming to an end in 2019. BUT instead of a celebratory send off, he was indicted on corruption charges.SourcesTina's StoryAssociated Pr

Episode 191: The Drunk Episode | Robert Telles
September 13, 2023

Hillary and Tina cover Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles.Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles was once a trusted political figure in his community. BUT his career took a shocking and tragic turn when he was implicated in the mur

Episode 190: The Muck Takes New York! | Judge John Roemer
September 06, 2023

Tina and Hillary cover the murder of Judge John Roemer. John Roemer served as Juneau County Judge until his retirement in 2017. But his retirement was short-lived when he was attacked in his home.SourcesTina's StoryCNNA former judge was killed

Episode 189: Chicken of the Sea | Conspiracy Theories about Hitler’s Death
August 30, 2023

Hillary and Tina cover the conspiracy theories about Adolf Hitlers death.Hitler's death marked the end of WWII. But a flurry of conspiracy theories emerged, suggesting he might have survived.Hillary's StorySourcesAtlas ObscuraThe Wildly Mi