The Mom Hour

The Mom Hour

The Holiday Meagan Went All In: Episode 237

December 03, 2019

Meagan’s last three Christmases have played out like a sad country song (divorce! family emergency! breakup!), and this year she’s going ALL IN on festiveness in an effort to reset the tone for the season and find new ways to enjoy and embrace the holidays as a mom of older kids. There will be Nutcrackers, Messiahs, baking, multiple advent calendars, and even (teen-willing) some ambitious exterior illumination. Sarah’s asking the questions today and Meagan is here for all of us who want to kick off the season with maximum enthusiasm. Join us!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 237:
Meagan talked with her sister about her medical emergency during the holidays in Surviving A Major Health Scare with Kathreen Francis: Voices 25 (from May 2018)
Check out our blog post 6 Easy (We Promise!) Homemade Holiday Gifts You Can Make With Your Kids
All of the advent calendars Meagan purchased for her kids this year can be found in our Amazon Store (affiliate links)
Listen to our two holiday bonus series: Creating Holiday Memories (Noticing, Appreciating and Capturing), and Holiday Shopping (Organizing, Planning & Purchasing, Small Business, Maker & Handmade, and Storing, Wrapping & Opening)
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