The Mom Hour

The Mom Hour

On Our Tables This Fall: Episode 231

October 22, 2019

Roasts, stews, gourd-shaped baked goods, and soups that pair with a storybook read-aloud–we are leaning in hard this fall to cozy seasonal cooking. Join Meagan and Sarah as we discuss what we’ve been feeding our families lately, what we aspire to make and bake this fall, and how we like to bring the season to our table in both the food and décor departments. Enjoy!

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Links we mentioned (or should have) in Episode 231:
This episode was inspired by Sarah’s recent interview with the hosts of the Didn’t I Just Feed You podcast, Feeding Your Family Without The Guilt, and a recent episode about feeding families on the The Girl Next Door Podcast
Sarah’s favorite chili recipe (originally from America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook (affiliate link), modified by The Cake Chica here)
Sarah’s butternut squash soup with apple, bacon and sage recipe
Pumpkin Soup, by Helen Thomas (affiliate link)
Queue It Up! Meagan suggested an episode from last year about Halloween Costumes and Halloween Picture Books (Episode 177)