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The Lounge Podcast

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015: Screencasting Video and Learning with Jayne Davids
August 21, 2018

I took a vacation from the podcast last week - busy with a cool project that has me designing and developing some medical focused eLearning as well as creating some cool animated explainer videos.  My passion project sometimes has to take a back seat -...

014: eLearning for New IDs and Teams with Tim Slade
August 07, 2018

Being a newbie in an industry can be challenging, no matter if you are a new instructional designer (ID), developer or team lead/manager. I've got a glass of iced lemon water today (it's still pretty hot here) and it's so refreshing!

013: Building Learning Communities
July 31, 2018

Today on the podcast we have Brent Schlenker joining me to discuss building learning communities. Brent has been in L&D/T&D for a while now, and he's participated in many communities over the years. Seeing a need for a different kind of professional ne...

012: Building an Adaptive Learning Experience
July 26, 2018

Adaptive learning experiences can be a game-changer for employee engagement in your elearning courses. - What's adaptive learning you ask? Grab your favourite beverage and join us for a chat. I've got mine - it's a tasty cup of decaf Earl Grey tea.

011: Learning Data and Analytics
July 17, 2018

Learning data - it's a huge topic. How do you collect and use information generated by the employees/students taking your courses? There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to collecting and using learning data,

010: Learning That Fits
July 10, 2018

Microlearning (or Micro learning) means many things to many people. When asked to define what micro learning is, every learning practitioner will answer with their own twist. I have to say the best answer to the question "what is micro learning?

009: Short-Notice Learning Projects
July 03, 2018

Short-notice projects. We've all been there. That moment when your client or leader drops an urgent project in your lap and you need to produce a great learning solution in an incredibly short amount of time.

008B: Professional Development
June 26, 2018

Professional development is important and should be added to your list of things to do - ASAP.  As training, learning and development professionals our role is to ensure we create, instruct and provide engaging educational opportunities for those who w...

008: Finding Inspiration and a Summer Challenge
June 19, 2018

I found some inspiration last week - it really sparked a desire to look differently at my daily interactions and experiences and to let loose and just enjoy! And as a result, this episode is a little different. It's my first solo episode. -

007: Virtual Learning Teams with Shelli Warren
June 12, 2018

Today we talk about virtual teams with my amazing friend Shelli Warren! Many instructional designers and learning developers work freelance, and often for more than one company at a time. This also means they may be virtual members of a learning proje...