The Lounge Podcast

The Lounge Podcast

28 – ‘Step-Away’ and Innovate and Play with Deborah, Karl, and Kevin

August 19, 2020

In this special episode I'm joined by Kevin Thorn, Karl Kapp and Deborah Thomas to talk about the value of getting in touch with your creative side!

More notes to follow - currently just trying to get the new episode up!

Reserve your seat, or learn more about the Step Away: Innovate and Play event happening in September 2020 here.

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Deborah Thomas on Twitter and LinkedIn

Karl Kapp on Twitter and LinkedIn

Kevin Thorn on Twitter and LinkedIn


We here at the Lounge Podcast hope that you and your family are healthy and adjusting to the new normal that comes with the pandemic we are experiencing. As a result, we've been a little busier than normal and have had to put the podcast on hold. BUT things are looking up for us here and I enlisted some help to get this episode edited. So hopefully I'll be getting the episodes out a little more regularly!