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The Lounge Podcast

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28 – ‘Step-Away’ and Innovate and Play with Deborah, Karl, and Kevin
August 19, 2020

In this special episode I'm joined by Kevin Thorn, Karl Kapp and Deborah Thomas to talk about the value of getting in touch with your creative side! - More notes to follow - currently just trying to get the new episode up! - Reserve your seat,

27 – John Hinchliffe: Leaving Your Comfort Zone, Awards and Networks
February 19, 2020

In this episode, Learning Professional of the Year nominee, and my friend, John Hinchliffe joins me to discuss his L&D journey from the UK to the UAE. He shares information about how he prepared for success in the UAE,

26 – Mike Simmons and the importance of Problem Analysis
January 20, 2020

In this episode, I'm joined by my friend Mike Simmons, founder of Catalyst Sale and host of the Catalyst Sale podcast. Mike joins me today to talk about analysis skills and how proper analysis and communication can help persuade,

25 – Effective Subject Matter Expert Management with Sean Hickey
July 02, 2019

When was your last Subject Matter Expert (SME) meeting? How did it go? Was it a painful experience for both of you? If so, this episode is for you! What's Happening in The Lounge today? I'm excited to bring you this impromptu chat with my new fri...

24 – Anna Leach, AI and Machine Learning
June 25, 2019

Today’s episode explores something I’m not overly familiar with, and I admit, it can be a little scary when you don’t know much about it. AI and Machine learning and not new but for some of us, it’s a bit scary to talk about something we only know abou...

23 – Minisode – Learning Content Review Cycles
February 05, 2019

If you listened in last week, you heard Hadiya and I discussing quality control and quality assurance, as well as feedback cycles.  I wanted to continue the conversation with you this week but talking about the life-cycle of a learning object.

#22: QA and QC for Learning Programs with Hadiya Nuriddin
January 29, 2019

So many of us fell into training, learning and development - it wasn't a selected career path for most of my friends and colleagues in the industry. This week's guest is no different. Hadiya Nuriddin started much like I did,

21: Virtual Classroom Training with Cindy Huggett
January 22, 2019

I was an early adopter of online learning. I provided training on Microsoft products to insurance industry professionals around North America using a precursor to WebEx, a product Called Centra99. That was 20 years ago - and while some of the techn...

20: Lance Healy – Solving Business Problems with a LMS
January 01, 2019

Join me in this first episode of 2019 as my friend Lance Healy joins me to discus how he collaborated with a learning partner to implement a learning management system for a very short-term project:   the 2015 Toronto Pan Am and Para Pan Am Games.

19 – eLearning Art, Images and Portfolios with Bryan Jones
November 07, 2018

I am super-duper excited to bring you this awesome lounge conversation with Bryan Jones, my authority for cut-out people, images and backgrounds for elearning projects. - I am privileged to have been an early adopter of the amazing items Bryan offered...