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The Lifestyle Chase

Episode 209 - Dr. Briana Botsford on Women‘s Health, A Sense of Connection, and Motherhood

November 09, 2021

Dr. Briana Botsford (@docbribots on IG) is a Naturopathic Doctor in Edmonton with a passion for helping her patients solve their health mysteries. As a member of the local triathlon community, you might catch her in full spandex on the weekends cycling or running in Edmonton’s glorious river valley. She has a family farm north of the city where she grows an epic vegetable garden in the summer. 

Because of her interest and participation in sport, Dr. Botsford completed her education focus in sports medicine. As her career progressed, she began working with more and more women, who may or may not be athletes, but also have health issues. Her special interest is in women’s health and performance and she works with all humans to achieve their peak health and optimal well-being. 

Dr. Botsford loves to explain things. She strongly believes that doctors are teachers and wants to help you understand your health concerns. She believes information is power and when you know more, you can live better! 

Before she became an ND, Dr. Botsford had issues with severe menstrual pain that would make it impossible to train properly and caused her to take time off work. Mood swings and a history of depression left her questioning the impact her hormones were having on her quality of life. Seeking care from a ND allowed Dr. Botsford to successfully compete in ironman triathlons and inspired her to go back to school to become a naturopathic doctor. 

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