The Lifestyle Chase

The Lifestyle Chase

Episode 205 - Mark Zarate on The “Look At Me” Guy

October 18, 2021

This is Mark Zarate’s (@zaratefitness) 5th appearance on The Lifestyle Chase. 


In this episode we talk about the “Look At Me” Guy and the dangers inauthentic behaviours in pursuit of ego, fame, and wealth can play on a community. 


We really lean into the value of showing up in ways where you feel comfortable and how getting aligned can help set you up for growth in life. 


We talk about the tough love of being able to take care of yourself first before holding other people to taking care of you.


We also talk about what 2025 might look like for Mark as a way of reflecting on our habits, the way we see life, and the direction we’re going. 


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Thanks for checking out the show and we’ll see you for the next one!