The Lifestyle Chase

The Lifestyle Chase

Episode 204 - Mike Doehla on Why We Do “This” and What Matters Most

October 11, 2021

This might sound a bit biased but if you’re in the industries that Mike Doehla (@mikedoehla) and I are in, you should listen to this podcast. 


This episode truly exemplifies the purpose, vision and values of The Lifestyle Chase.

We recorded this about 30 minutes after I received news that my aunt (who was essentially my grandma) passed away the night before. I shared with Mike that I’d maybe seem a bit distant because I wanted him to know what was going on in case I seemed a bit off. I never want people to feel like I don’t value their time or that I’m not engaged in the conversation and he was one of the best people I could have ever recorded with that day. 


We talked about how Facebook and Instagram crashed for a day, and what we learned from it. He shared with me the emotions that fatherhood brings him as a new dad. We discussed how meaningful it is to do what you love in life and how he wants nothing more than to see more people enjoy their work and have happy lives. 


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{This episode is dedicated to my Aunt Helen. She loved cats and she had a warm energy that made everyone feel loved. I’ll make her proud one day.}