The Lifestyle Chase

The Lifestyle Chase

Episode 201 - Patrycia Rzechowka on Reframing Situations and Seeing Life Through Someone Else’s Lens

September 19, 2021

Patrycia (@rzechowka on IG) was first on the show waaaay back on November 29, 2018! It was Episode 15 and life was very different, yet at the same time, not entirely different.

Not many people take the time to consider what life would be like for someone with MS. In a time when people are getting upset about their rights and freedoms, they are rarely considering how their actions can put someone like Patrycia in danger. 


Patrycia is a champion at reframing situations and putting her best foot forward. We are all allowed to have a bad day, but when we are able to see that life is short and time is precious, attitude matters. I highly encourage everyone to go to Patrycia’s website to learn more about her and definitely go back and listen to Episode 15 as well here.


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