The Ledge (mp3)

The Ledge (mp3)

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The Ledge #534: New Releases
September 02, 2022

You guys all know the drill by now. The first Friday of the month means its nothing but new releases! Yes, two hours of nothing but great new tunes, and we jump all over the place from power pop to p

The Ledge #533: SST Records (Pt. 2)
August 26, 2022

Part two of The Ledges look at SST Records focuses on the second half of the 80s. There are a few big names involved, including Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Buffalo Tom, and future grunge major label

The Ledge #532: SST Records (Pt. 1)
August 19, 2022

When I was informed there was a new book about one of my favorite labels of the 80s, I just had to have it. Jim Rulands Corporate Rock Sucks: The Rise & Fall of SST Records is every bit as great as I

The Ledge #531: New Releases (Pt. 2)
August 12, 2022

I may have called part one of this month’s new release series the “friends of the show” episode, but that mentality continues in part two as we have a nice set of tracks from our friends at Big Stir R

The Ledge #530: New Releases (Pt. 1)
August 05, 2022

Once again, the wealth of new material being released each and every month “forces” me to expand my new release episode into a two part series. Tonight’s episode focuses primarily on “friends” of the

The Ledge #529: Summer Songs
July 29, 2022

We may be entering the last month of the summer, but it’s never too late to put together a show of songs about the hottest months of the year. Rock and roll has always had a fondness for the sun, and

The Ledge #528: New Replacements & Other Treats
July 22, 2022

A few weeks ago, fans of The Replacements noticed that a new live record was starting to appear on vinyl distribution lists. Most at first assumed this was a bootleg, but it turns out tht the Live At

The Ledge #527: New Releases
July 08, 2022

Yes, the new release episode was delayed a week this month, but it’s pretty much the same show you would have heard if it was aired in its normal time slot. And, as always, it’s a mix of old and new b

The Ledge #526: Low Rats
July 02, 2022

When the news broke that swaggering rock and rollers Low Rats were hitting my little city of Sioux Falls I immediately began begging the band to make a stop at my house before the show for a Ledge int

The Ledge #525: 60 Years of Rock n Roll
June 24, 2022

This show ended up being quite different than originally planned. The initial idea was another “odds and ends” show where I aired tracks from some records that I had been playing around the house. I s