The Kelly Lundberg Podcast

The Kelly Lundberg Podcast

Braving the Storm: Childhood Cancer Signs and Supporting Families through the Journey w/Lama Andari

May 02, 2023

Lama is an unwavering advocate for kids battling cancer and plays an active role in raising awareness of childhood cancer and the importance of mental health. After her son was diagnosed with cancer, she witnessed first-hand the awe-inspiring resilience, determination and bravery of her own child and of other pediatric cancer patients. She believes these children are true superheroes. This inspired her to author a children’s book entitled 'Super Kids' and then went on to establish Abtaluna, a Dubai-based social enterprise whose name means 'Our Superheroes' in Arabic. Abtaluna is a community for families whose children are fighting cancer and strives to raise awareness of pediatric cancer.


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