The Kelly Lundberg Podcast

The Kelly Lundberg Podcast

Dad Bod to Fit: How One Man's Fitness Journey Created a Movement for 60,000+ w/Scott Harrison

April 28, 2023

Celebrity trainer Scott Harrison is a fitness and nutrition

expert, life coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, black

belt karate instructor, chef and author. Through coaching, mindset training, fitness, nutrition and community support, Scott’s online programme The Six Pack

Revolution has helped tens of thousands of people across

64 countries gain confidence and get in shape.


A strong believer in starting early, Scott’s mission has included helping children get healthy in body and mind. To combat child obesity and promote physical fitness

Scott’s SPR Juniors programme is a video-guided PE

programme that’s used in over 50 primary schools all over

the UK. SPR Juniors (Strong Powerful Resilient Juniors)

helps pupils increase their fitness and improve mental health

through fun games, exercises, yoga, and mindfulness.

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