The International Schools Podcast

The International Schools Podcast

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113 - A conversation with Kirstin Coughtrie of Gaia Learning
November 25, 2023

A conversation with Kirstin of Gaia Learning sharing her experience in supporting and mentoring neurodivergent learners.Kirstin shares how in her organisation they have been leveraging technology to c

Bonus Episode: Dan and John Chat About Teaching Internationally
November 17, 2023

#internationalschoolpodcast Dan and John periodically get together and have a bonus episode on a topic or theme, and share some reflections. In this episode, we share and explore virtual over face to

112 - Ken Shelton: International Keynote Speaker, Education Strategist and Consultant, Learning Experience Designer, Diversity Equity Inclusion Expert, Anti Bias and Antiracist Trainer
November 11, 2023

Ken shares his perspective, experience and work focused on supporting companies, educators and schools in building an inclusive culture that also supports meaningful cross-cultural connections and bui

111 - A conversation with Nalini Cook, Head of Global Research - ISC Research
October 28, 2023

In this episode, Nalini Cook talks about the data, intelligence and trends on the international schools market gathered by ISC Research, the leading provider of English-medium K-12 international schoo

110 - Admission and transition with Heidi Reid, Vasco Dimitroff, and Matt Craig
October 14, 2023

Admissions and transition is a critical piece for international schools. How you approach these workflows, with the mindset of the school community and making it engaging is a complex and important pr

109 - A conversation with four international school librarians from around the globe
September 30, 2023

A conversation with four international school librarians from around the globe, looking at how libraries are navigating accelerated change, amplifying the importance of information literacy, promotin

108 - A conversation with LeeAnne Lavender
September 16, 2023

LeeAnne shares learnings and reflections on Service Learning and Global Citizenship Education in schools. LeeAnne leverages storytelling as the vehicle by which educators can listen and learn from ea

107 - A conversation with IT Directors Christina Devitt and Charlotte Diller
September 01, 2023

Christina and Charlotte share their extensive experience as Director of Learning Innovation and eLearning and Director of Technology in International Schools in Asia, the Caribbean and Middle East. An

106 - Carlos Davidovich Executive Coach Neuromanagement Expert - Speaker - Author - International TEDx Speaker
August 19, 2023

Carlos shares his experience coaching and working with leaders around the world, in both an international school context and corporate setting focusing on "bully leaders". Carlos shares some of the le

105 - Small International Schools - Jeremy Majeski, Jimena Zalba, and Michael Hibbeln
August 05, 2023

Small International Schools are wide spread around the world, with their size come different dynamics in the culture, structures, educator and leadership approaches, finances juggling the daily workfl