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Pocahontas Revisted
November 23, 2022

Pocahontas did save lives... just not the way (or the one) that you've been taught.

Ida Lewis
November 14, 2022

She was just a teen when she took on lighthouse keeper responsibilities and bravely began saving lives and attracting worldwide attention.

Boston Field Trip Travelogue
November 02, 2022

Forty travelers, four hosts, and thirty seagulls headed out to experience podcast-based adventures in historic and iconic New England. We laughed, we cried, we learned a lot - and made friends (and memories) that we'll keep for life.

Empress Sisi, Mega-revisit
October 17, 2022

We've combined our previous coverage of Empress Sisi of Austria because she's getting a lot of screen time these days and we found ourselves in need of a refresher, so we thought you might be in need of one, too.

Nell Gwynn
October 06, 2022

From a deprived childhood bereft of opportunities, Nell Gwynn endeavored to parlay her charm and talent in order to improve her lot in life. She captured the attention of a king, delighted the public both onstage and off, and became a folklore heroine who

Bonus! A Conversation with Liza Powel O'Brien
September 28, 2022

In this bonus episode, with Liza Powel O'Brien, host of Significant Others Podcast, we talk about a lot, but it's mostly like listening to a great conversation at the next table in a coffee shop where the people talking are all female history podcasters.

Queen Elizabeth II - The Crown Recap
September 18, 2022

In honor of Britain's Queen Elizabeth 2 - we offer this homage, from our second show The Recappery.

Doctor Mary Walker
September 05, 2022

Dr. Mary Walker challenged society's ideas of what a woman should look like, how a woman should think, and what a woman could become. During her military service, and within the suffrage movement, she often had to seize what she wanted from unwilling hand

Civil War Spies, North and South
August 22, 2022

Elizabeth Van Lew and Belle Boyd had a lot in common, they were born in the same state, they died the same year and they both were spies during the American Civil War...but for opposing sides!

Elizabeth Chudleigh
August 11, 2022

The beautiful and charming Elizabeth Chudleigh had society wrapped around her little finger... until she made a fateful mistake. One night's impulsive decision to marry the man she met on vacation turned her life into a game of secrets, strategy, and spe