The Great Connections

The Great Connections

The Art of Self-Construction: Rule Yourself

November 19, 2017

Each person constructs his or her own mind -- whether they know it or not! If you want to live independently as a free person, you need to be aware of what ideas you hold.

Every human mind works by using ideas, with broad philosophical ideas at their base. But not every person realizes exactly with what philosophical and psychological ideas they are operating. The more consciously aware you are of the ideas and values you are holding and using to make decisions, evaluations, and take action, the more you can evaluate the truth of those ideas and decide whether the ideas accurately represent what you think is true.

Co-hosts Marsha Familaro Enright and Liz Parker discuss ideas and catchphrases which people commonly hold, what basic philosophical principles they depend on, and how these ideas impact your life --f or good or ill.

Resources for listeners:

The essays “Philosophy: Who Needs It” and “Philosophical Detection” in the book Philosophy: Who Needs It.